Repair ZIP File Free 1.0

Repair ZIP File Free 1.0


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Date Added:08 September, 2012



Download Repair ZIP File Free today and deal with the issue of how to repair corrupt ZIP file CRC in minutes. Repair ZIP File Free is a very powerful combination of three components - an error detection algorithm for seeking out any file anomalies and damaged file elements; an error library which is used to identify uncovered anomalies and provide an appropriate recommendation; and finally, a simple user interface which guides you through an almost fully automated user wizard which is so easy to follow even a child can do this. When you lose data in your ZIP files, you have restricted choices facing you - you may have had the foresight to back your data up, however this is unusual for most users who either do not have the ability to back up data on a regular basis or simply have not understood the implications of losing their files in the first place. If there is no back up of the files then you are faced with using expensive recovery services which are time consuming and are probably not cost effective for the majority of users. The final alternative is to lose all your data - unless you download Repair ZIP File Free and follow the simple onscreen instructions which will take you through the file recovery process in minutes. After downloading Repair ZIP File Free you should run the software, and you will be taken to the first screen which will simply ask you to select the ZIP file you wish to recover. The second stage of the process is where Repair ZIP File Free performs a thorough scan of the file to uncover and identify errors and anomalies. You are then presented with the result sin the final stage of the recovery process - all that you need to do is to approve proceeding with the recovery solution provided. Recovery can take a substantial length of time- several hours in fact - how long recovery will take place to complete depends on the speed of your computer and the size and complexity of the ZIP file under consideration.

System Requirements: Windows 98 and above

Systems: Win2000, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Media Center Edition 2005, Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows2003, Win7 x32, Win7 x64

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